You will find the answer to most frequently asked questions below. For more information please feel free to contact us. 

What is Bucks Bargain Outlet?

Bucks Bargain Outlet is a solutions provider and e-commerce trader. We mainly provide call center support services through Arise Virtual Solutions. Arise Virtual Solutions will contract with us to provide call center services for large recognizable companies. We then contract to independent business owners to provide these services. We also run a e-commerce store on many platforms with a variety of product lines. 

Why don't you provide your call center company names?

Our non-disclosure agreement with Arise forbids us from disclosing client names. As soon as you on-board with us and sign the NDA you will be able to see the clients. 

Do you have support for current agents?

Of course! We are available to answer questions during business hours. Servicing agents are provided a 24/7 phone number for any immediate help.